ISBC Regional Organisation

 There are currently 70 Approved Stud Books worldwide, all of which belong to an ISBC Regional Body.


Please select the relevant Region then Stud Book for your location to view their information and contact details.

Northern and Central America & Caribbean (7 Stud Books)

South America (O.S.A.F.) (9 Stud Books)

The European and African Stud Book Committee (35 Stud Books)

Asian Stud Book Committee (ASBC) and Oceania (19 Stud Books)

The Committee

ISBC Secretariat

Sir Johnny Weatherby KCVO

Chairman, ISBC (Non-Executive Director, Weatherbys Ltd.)

Mr Simon Cooper

Vice Chairman, ISBC; EASBC Co-Chairman (Company Secretary, Weatherbys)

Mrs Abbey Cochrane

Secretary General, ISBC

ISBC Members

ASBC & Oceania

Mr Satish Iyer

Registrar, Indian Stud Book, Stud Book Authority of India

Ms Jacqueline Stewart

Keeper of the Australian Stud Book

Ms Julie Walker

Keeper of the New Zealand Stud Book

Mr Kiyofumi Suzuki

Registration Department, JAIRS

Mr Ryo Tanigawa

Racing and Information Department, JAIRS

Europe, Mediterranean, Africa

Dr Sonia Wittreck

Stud Book and Racing Control Department Manager, France Galop

Mrs Sharon O'Regan

General Manager, Weatherbys Ireland

Ms Hazel Kayiya

Racing Admin Executive, NHA South Africa

North America

Mr Rick Bailey

Registrar, The Jockey Club (USA)

Mr Matt Iuliano

Executive VP & Executive Dir., The Jockey Club (USA)

South America

Mr Ignacio Pavlovsky Jr

OSAF Head of Technical Advisory Committees on Stud Books, Breeders and Harmonization Affairs

Mr Diego Thays

Stud Book Argentino Secretary

Representation of the EMHF and IFHA at ISBC meetings is provided by Dr Paull Khan and Mr Andrew Chesser respectively

For more information on the International Stud Book Committee or to reach the ISBC Secretariat please contact Abbey Cochrane, ISBC Secretary General, on